Our Shoot with Little Gentleman Matthias

Our Shoot with Little Gentleman Matthias

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We recently got to work with a perfect little Gentleman, Matthias. We wanted the set to be picture perfect as well as comfortable, so we brought in throw pillows and pom poms, and also ensured that we padded the ground where our little model will be sitting. We found a lush grassy spot at the end of Punggol Waterway Park and set up a fun green, blue and yellow themed set. Even the cake was green and blue with a rustic design.



Cutie Matthias arrived on set rearing in go and in such a delightful mood. He got himself comfortable on set and flashed his million dollar smile for many a fantastic photo. Mummy and an aunt were on set to egg him on and remind him of happy things to keep the smiles coming. Matthias was a natural and even threw his hands up in the air in joy (our favourite picture!).



We tried some different approaches with Matthias’s shoot as he was so easy going and seemed to enjoy the whole experience. Firstly we were able to take more close-ups of hands and feet covered in buttercream! Secondly, we could experiment with bubbles, which made for some beautiful photos. Matthias loved the bubbles so much, we were able to extend the photoshoot and get a few shots of him chasing and popping them!



What really made us laugh was this little gentleman’s concern with being clean! He preferred eating the cake with his fork, which mummy specifically brought along, rather than his fingers. Yes, our little model is a very neat kid who insisted on being wiped up quickly after the shoot. Kids are just so unpredictable and fun aren’t they!


To artfully capture a fun day out with your child, just drop Cloudberry Circus a note and we’ll get in touch with you to discuss some fun ideas!

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