Cake Smash Photoshoot with Little Olivia!

Cake Smash Photoshoot with Little Olivia!

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Cute-as-a-button and pretty in pink!

Olivia was one of the first babies we worked with for our outdoor cake smash shoots. Our little starlet arrived on set wearing the cutest pink tutu, complete in pigtails and a smile that would melt even Oscar the Grouch’s heart.

Overall, this was an interesting experience where the Cloudberry team got to learn a lot, because whatever could potentially go wrong, actually did. When we arrived at our favourite shooting site* at 5pm, we realised that a marathon was going to start 6pm that very day! Workers were also putting up scaffolding right where we wanted to set up our props. Can you imagine our panic? Thankfully, a found a photogenic area several meters away.

It was a good thing that Olivia, mummy, and daddy arrived a little earlier before the shoot. This meant that the Cloudberry Circus team could get to know her better before show time, and Olivia could also get accustomed to the environment. She seemed to like the decorations and props laid out for her and was especially taken by one spotted, grey Mr Owl.

But just as we were about to shoot, something else happened. Yes, a huge dark cloud swooped in and it started to rain! Shielding our star from the rain, and quickly throwing all our props into our bags, we ran for cover and prayed that the showers would pass soon. The heavens were merciful. Just 15 minutes later, the rain stopped and we could all finally get to work. 

The Cloudberry Circus team speedily laid out the groundsheets and puffy white blanket along with handmade props, including the cutest little party hat for Olivia. Last but not least, a freshly-baked pink buttercream cake was put into our petit kids-sized cake stand. Finally, the set was ready for our little cutie!

Set up was done in a jiffy and as soon as Olivia was put in front of the camera, she got to work striking poses and checking out the pink cake in front of her. Daddy and Mummy got busy too! They were singing her favourite songs and busting out dance moves to keep her laughing. Cloudberry Circus photographer, Arman, worked quickly capturing a series of shots from different angles.

At about 6pm, the golden hour started and the sunlight looked absolutely magnificent! This is why we love outdoor shoots so much. Nothing beats the warmth and vibrant colours you get from natural light. We think it is definitely worth risking a little bad weather for.

After modelling for about half an hour, Olivia decided that she’d worked hard enough and clearly told us that she wanted to be liberated from the photoshoot – um yes, she was tired and wanted to be carried. With so many winning shots stored away, Cloudberry Circus was happy to call it a day. We don’t expect any of our models to work overtime!

It was so much fun working with Olivia and her parents! We also hope you’ve enjoyed the photos from her shoot shared here. At Cloudberry Circus, our clients and little stars always come first. While good photos are our priority, we also strive to keep you safe, dry and happy in an outdoor environment.

*Cloudberry Circus loves shooting at Punggol Waterway Park, near Sentul Crescent. Not only are there no building to interfere with the background, the grass there is lush and green too. In addition, the carpark is a stone’s throw away and there is also a toilet nearby for easy cleanup. 

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